European Master's Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation

The European Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation (E.MA) is a one-year advanced master’s course aimed at preparing professionals to respond to the operational requirements of daily work in international organisations, field operations, governmental and non-governmental bodies, and academia.
Students have the opportunity to meet and be taught by leading academics, experts and representatives of international organisations while studying in a multi-cultural environment. The first semester takes place in Venice and after a fieldtrip to Kosovo, the students join one of the 41 participating universities for the next semester.
The Centre de droit public et social is one of these 41 participating universities and hosts up to three students for the second semester. Julien Pieret is the E.MA national director.

More information

For application materials and further information, please consult the http://www.eiuc.org/education/ema.html

Or contact the E.MA Secretariat in Venice: Tel. +39 041 2720911, e-mail : secretariat@eiuc.org

Monastery of San Nicolò, Riviera San Nicolò, 26, I-30126 Venice – The Lido

Or contact Julien Pieret : email : julien.pieret@ulb.be, Centre de droit public et social, ULB.

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